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Ingeniously simple four strokes wedding company investigated
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How to prepare a perfect wedding, find a strong formal wedding is essential, and now the wedding numerous mixed company, so that consumers were also confused, not knowing how to choose. Weapon Rights for your product Xiao Bian, four point inspection teach you clever wedding company to plan capacity. First, examine the wedding planner A good wedding planner wedding requires a deep understanding of culture, rather than blindly chasing the trend, parrot, so as to couple the wedding planning, not only embodies the characteristics of new people, but also inspiration and creativity emerging. 1, be willing to communicate Good wedding planner and the couple must be willing to communicate, only to fully understand the new requirements of their own background and can learn to explore both their own characteristics and suitable for the theme, planning a fall wedding couple their own unique. 2, it can help you fully consider Wedding planning should not only be a good idea to round to help newcomers to check, analyze the suitability of a variety of creative day of the wedding venue, whether for new ideas, whether for day visitors and so on. Second, the wedding-house environment 1, inspected whether the legitimate business Company operation to check whether the "business license" on the line, look at the place of business is independently owned by operators. And place of business that the number of the ba sis for judging the size of the company. 2, the feelings of the company's culture and style From a company's internal environment can also see the company's general style, or atmosphere, or fine, or full of character elements, from which we can glimpse the wedding planner's "taste." Third, the company's creative wedding Many new creative ideas as "fresh", so visit often when the wedding company to focus on whether enough of trendy fashion, and it is not true, can truly reflect the new features and wedding theme is a good idea. 1, there must be a consistent theme Although the wedding of creative inspiration everywhere, but there must be the theme running through the audience, and wedding planners to communicate the company should pay attention to, if all but a small idea can not scattered. 2, details also need to examine Invitations, seat cards, message cards, these humble little things can often show the plan's mind, please come up with some pre-wedding design company to you first look, but also a good way to study creative. Fourth, staffing Planning a wedding requires a systematic process, each link can not be imperfect, so each link has to be equipped with the corresponding professionals, wedding day, the mistakes in the wedding took place in-house staff often lack the coordination. Formal wedding with a company dedicated to the planning staff, operational support personnel (including floral, photography, video, master of ceremonies, make-up, post-production, etc.), large-scale stores along with a dedicated staff, is responsible for business negotiations.
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